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Looking Ahead

After almost two years of public review and discussion, a Comprehensive Parking Program has been designed to meet our collective community needs and goals:

  • Set aside funds dedicated for future supply (garage)

  • Better manage our existing supply

  • Create resident and employee permit programs

  • Provide a more convenient and positive experience for patrons, employees and residents


Free/Alternate Options

Vehicle parking is currently available at the following locations at no cost, with a 2-hour maximum.  


2-hour parking options include:

  • Phoenix Avenue lot (located at Phoenix Ave and Mike's Pike)

  • Curbside spaces on Route 66 between Agassiz and Leroux

  • Cross streets in southside downtown area (south of railroad tracks; north of Butler)

  • City & County lots after 5 pm; no time limit


Alternate Options Include:



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