Employee Parking & Alternatives

Those working downtown have several options to get to work on time! 

Employee Permit

Designated employee parking has been identified, including the Phoenix Avenue lot and some on-street spaces on Leroux, Birch, Agassiz, Verde, Elden, Cherry and West Aspen.  Click HERE to see a map with Employee Parking locations.  The monthly fee is $10, and you can purchase by the month or annually. 



PARK FLAG has complimentary EcoPasses available for those that work downtown.  Those receiving an EcoPass through PARK FLAG may not have an employee parking permit.  Learn more about NAIPTA and Mountain Line service here:   http://mountainline.az.gov


Bike racks are located throughout Downtown on almost every block. 

Free Parking

Route 66 allows free 2 hour parking Monday - Saturday from 7am - 8pm.  All other times, parking on Route 66 is free and time unlimited.

Parking remains free on streets outside of the managed area.

Park & Ride

The City is exploring future Park & Ride lots

Employee Permit Program - Additional Details

Where can I get an Employee Permit Application?

Download the E Permit Application by clicking HERE.


How much will Employee Permits Cost?



What happens if I don’t want to get an employee permit?

Not interested in paying $10/month?  That's ok!  There are several options available:

  • If you plan to drive and park your car, you may park in public parking spaces outside of the Pay to Park area, i.e., north of Cherry Ave., west of Humphreys, or spaces on the south side that are off commercial streets.

  • Consider taking Mountain Line.  Free bus passes are available through ParkFlag - application is available HERE.  Bus service is convenient, reliable and offer amenities, such as a Guaranteed Ride Home if the need arises.  Check out Mountain Line's website HERE.

  • Consider riding your bike.  The Flagstaff Downtown Business Alliance recently installed 10 new bike racks throughout downtown.

Is my license plate really my permit?

Yes.  There are no physical permits – no stickers or window hangers. 


A benefit to this system is you may enter as many license plates as you want on the same permit.  This means that you can park different cars, even rental cars, on the same permit.  However, only one of the cars can park (use the permit) at any one time.


Am I guaranteed a parking space if I get an Employee Permit?

No.  Employees will have designated areas to park.  The number of spaces are limited which, again, is one reason we are now managing parking.


Are employee permits valid every day of the year?

No.  Employee permits are not valid when the Armed Forces, Fourth of July, and Holiday Lights parades are scheduled.

Employee Permit Applications are now available by clicking HERE.  


Email your application to parkflag@flagstaffaz.gov or drop off your application at the ParkFlag office:  6 East Aspen Ave., Suite 200, Flagstaff, AZ 86001  

EcoPass (T) Applications are now available by clicking HERE.  


6 E Aspen Ave Suite 200


Phone:  (928) 213-2960

Email: parkflag@flagstaffaz.gov



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