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Residential Permits

How to apply for a parking permit if you live in an established Residential District

If you live in an established Residential District, getting a parking permit is easy!  Visit the permit application website by clicking HERE.  Simply create an account, then:

  • Select "Add New Permit"

  • Choose "Residential 1st Permit" 

  • Complete application

  • Upload proof of residency (rent/mortgage document or utility bill)

  • Agree to terms and check out!


Once submitted, the application will be sent to the ParkFlag team, reviewed and approved.  An email confirmation will be sent.

Helpful Tips:

- The first resident permit is FREE!  There is a fee for additional resident permits.

- The first 12 guest permits per year are FREE!  There is a free after those 12 permits in a year have been used.

- See below for more important information on Resident Permits.

If you have questions or need assistance with the application, please contact ParkFlag at or 928-213-2960.

How do you set up permit parking in a Residential District?

This is a process initiated by residents and requires that someone on the block organizes neighbors and takes on the role of “proponent.” 


Property owners on each block of a street need to petition ParkFlag in order to have residential permit parking regulations installed.  A majority of the property owners must want the controls, AND, the occupancy of the parking spaces on the block must be more than 75%.


There are two methods for circulating the petition:

  • The organizer prepares and distributes a simple sign-up sheet.  Any answer other than “Yes, I want resident parking controls installed” is counted as a “No” vote.

  • A petition is sent by proponents to property owners via certified mail.  In this case, a lack of response by a property owner will be counted as a vote in favor of installing parking controls.


Helpful Tip:  Contact the ParkFlag office before you start if you have questions.  The petition is available by clicking HERE.

Who can sign a petition/sign-up sheet for installation of parking controls?

Only property owners can sign to install parking controls. 


The block where the water meter is located that serves the property entitles the property owner a vote.  Each water meter gets one vote, regardless of land use, number of units, number of tenants, number of employees, etc.


Who can get a resident parking permit?

Property owners go through the process to obtain a resident parking permit after parking controls have been put in place.  Property owners can assign their permit to their tenants, employees and others.  Tenants, employees and others need to work with the property owner to determine who will use the permit.  ParkFlag has no authority to determine who will use the permit.


Why are resident permits issued based on water meters?

Issuing permits based on residency, employment, or number of units would require staff to verify personal records.  This would be time intensive for staff to check marriages, partnerships, leases, sub-leases, roommates, employment, etc.


Flagstaff City Council, based on the mission of having a fair and balanced parking system, has determined that using water meters as the determinant of parking rights is the system that is simplest, most predictable, and least prone to fraud.  It’s not perfect, but it also does not require the City to review personal records and requires little or no interpretation.


How many resident permits can I get?

A maximum of four.  Each water meter will get one free parking permit, and additional permits must be purchased. 


What will a resident parking permit cost?

First Permit:               Free


Second Permit:        $250 annually


Third Permit:             $350 annually


Fourth Permit:          $450 annually


Is my license plate really my permit?

Yes.  There are no physical permits – no stickers or window hangers. 


A benefit to this system is you may enter as many license plates as you want on the same permit.  This means that you can park different cars, even rental cars, on the same permit.  However, only one of the cars can park (use the permit) at any one time.


Am I guaranteed a space?

No.  The resident parking permit only allows those with a permit to park in the spaces signed “No Parking – R Permit Exempt.”  If those marked spaces on your street are full, you may park in other similarly signed spaces on other blocks.  You may use the unrestricted public parking spaces on your block or any other block.


Resident permits are not valid on the days that the Armed Forces, Fourth of July, and Holiday Lights parades are scheduled.


What about my guests?

About half of the parking spaces on a controlled street remain public parking, and guests can always park in those spaces.  In addition, each resident permit holder is entitled to 12 free guest permits per year.  Guest permits allow the permit holder to park for 24 hours in the “No Parking – R Permit Exempt” spaces.  Additional guest permits can be purchased for $5 each through the online portal found by clicking HERE.


What if I own a business in the residential permit parking area?

Businesses located in a residential permit parking area are treated the same as residential use.  First, to have a permitted parking area in place, ALL property owners have the same rights and will be counted “yes” or “no” on the petition.  And, if passed – the same measure is in place – one permit per parking meter.


What if we live in the pay-to-park area of Downtown? 

If you live in a property that is exclusively used as a single family residence, you will receive at no cost a permit to park in the same area as employee permit holders (primarily Agassiz, Verde, Eldon, Cherry).


Residents that live in other types of properties can purchase a permit for $60/month to park overnight in one of the City’s public parking lots during the months that the Winter Parking Ordinance is in effect.


Will the Snow Ordinance impact Downtown Residents that utilize on-street parking overnight?

Yes!  The Snow Ordinance will be enforced as posted.  Downtown Residents that do not already have off-street parking secured may purchase a permit for $60/month to park overnight in one of the City’s public parking lots during this time.

Information on the Resident Permit Program is now available! 


If you are in an established Residential District, apply for a permit by clicking HERE.


To form a Residential District, access the Petition by clicking HERE.  



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