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Amtrak Permits


Taking Amtrak and need to park?  Follow these helpful steps:

The easiest way to purchase Amtrak parking is to pay at the parking kiosk located at the Amtrak ticket window. 


If you are within 30 days of your trip, and you would like to purchase parking in advance, follow these steps:


1) Click on this link: to get started.  

2) Make an account and sign in.

3) Select "Amtrak" as your permit type.  Options come in 1, 3 and 7 day increments.  Make your selection and hit "View."  Please note, that you may combine increments to reach your parking need, however you will have to enter information and add to cart separately.

4) After you select "View," enter information such as contact information, trip start and end date, and vehicle information.

5) If the information is accurate, select "Check Out" and enter your payment information, or you can purchase additional days by clicking "Add Another Permit" and then "Check Out.'

Note:  Please check to make sure your trip dates are correct.  And!! There is no need to display your receipt on the dashboard.  You can just pay and park!

You've paid for your parking, and now wonder where you can park.  We've got you covered!

Download the Amtrak Parking Map by clicking HERE.

Questions?  Email or call 928-213-2960.


6 E Aspen Ave Suite 200


Phone:  (928) 213-2960


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