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Why Parking Matters

Adequate parking supply is a fundamental need for a vibrant downtown.  Access to available and convenient parking is important for businesses, customers, visitors, employees, residents and those looking to invest in downtown.  For downtown Flagstaff to thrive, while serving all of these different audiences, there must be the right types of parking, in the right amounts, located in the right places.  Downtown Flagstaff is unique given there has not been an investment into providing adequate public parking or managing the existing limited supply – until the creation of ParkFlag. 

Implemented in 2017, ParkFlag is a comprehensive parking program that provides management of on-street parking and municipal surface lots in downtown Flagstaff, Southside and adjacent neighborhoods.  The program includes paid parking at kiosks, employee permits, resident permits, time limited parking, and enforcement of ADA parking and unsafe parking behaviors (parking backwards on a one-way street, blocking driveway & alley access, etc).

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Park Flag manages public parking in downtown Flagstaff and the surrounding neighborhoods.   This plan:

  • Better manages our existing – and limited – parking supply

  • Provides a dedicated funding source to acquire or build additional parking

  • Takes a comprehensive approach – addresses parking for residents, employees, business owners, customers and visitors

  • Offers a more convenient and positive experience for visitors, residents and employees

  • Provides free ECO passes for employees and additional bike racks as multi-modal options

  • Parking Aides serve as ambassadors – by providing education on parking options and positive parking behavior

How Is The Revenue Managed


ParkFlag is a City program within the Economic Vitality Division.  All revenues and expenditures, however, are kept separate from the City's  General Fund and managed in a Special Revenue Fund.  The City Council passed an ordinance that formally establishes separate accounting for the parking system.  That means that all revenues/expenses associated with the parking program may not be used for other non-ParkFlag uses.  Funds in this account must be associated with the operation and maintenance of the ParkFlag system and may not be used for other initiatives, projects, areas of service, etc.



In addition to the separate accounting, there is an additional requirement: an ordinance was passed that requires a minimum of 20% of gross revenues must be set aside in a separate fund dedicated to the acquisition of parking supply.  This is a key provision - for the first time ever - there is a mechanism and funding source for future parking facilities.

The Role Of A Parking Aide


Parking Aides provide exceptional customer service and serve as Ambassadors for Downtown Flagstaff.  The goal is to gain participation - NOT - issue a citation.  Parking Aides provide general information on parking locations, kiosk and app usage, locations for free parking, etc. while at the same time fairly regulating parking rules and enforcing unsafe parking patterns (blocking driveways/alleyways, parking on crosswalks, parking within lines and marks...)

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