Downtown Public Parking


With managed parking comes convenient parking for customers.  Employees, residents and students have designated locations for parking, leaving spaces near businesses open for customer parking.   And, no need to rush to move your car!  You can extend your time with the ease of your phone.  Stay and enjoy!


Kiosks have been installed downtown to help keep curbside spaces available for convenient customer parking, and offer several payment options:

  • Use the Whoosh! App to Pay By Phone.  Set up a Whoosh! account in advance by visiting   It's easy!  Enter your information once, and pay by phone every time you come downtown to park.  Using the app offers an added convenience.  You will receive a text when your parking time is about to expire, giving you the option to extend parking directly from your phone.  

  • Pay at the kiosk with your credit / debit card.  You can park and pay at any kiosk.

  • Pay cash at the kiosk located at the corner of Leroux St. and Aspen Ave. in front of Steep, City Hall and Visitor Center.


  • Marked curbside spaces

  • Phoenix Avenue Lot (no overnight parking -

       12am - 7am​)


7am - 7pm Monday - Wednesday

7am - 10pm Thursday - Friday

9am - 10pm Saturday

9am - 7pm Sunday


$1.00 / hour (Whoosh! adds a $.35 per transaction convenience fee to use pay by phone and text to phone features).


You can easily find free parking downtown!  Follow these helpful tips:

  • Click HERE and look for surface lots marked with a P.   Most City and County lots (with signs "Zoned" F1, F2, F5) are free after 5pm and on weekends.

  • Route 66 offers free parking with a 2 hour maximum Monday - Saturday 9am - 7pm.

  • Park for free outside the managed area.


ParkFlag operates 365 days a year, including

holidays.  Please make sure you pay to park on

all holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas

and New Years Day.


Be prepared!  Follow these 2 easy steps and parking downtown will be easy!​

  • Download the Whoosh! App and create an account.  Pay By Phone in advance and to extend your time downtown.  Visit: to get started.

  • Know your license plate number.  Helpful Tip:  Take a picture with your mobile phone so you don't forget!

  • Park once and pay at any kiosk or on the Whoosh! App